Anxious? You need not be. We remove the cancer, and reconstruct your breast. Often during one surgery. Preserving femininity. Providing what you thought impossible. Your emotional reconstruction.

Your emotional reconstruction®

A cancer diagnosis is a lifetime moment. There are lifetime celebration moments, and lifetime despair moments, each memorable through one’s lifetime.

“We will not do surgery unless it is indicated” We were VERY impressed with this statement from Dr. Harness.

Dr. Harness does not add stress to the moment. He speaks in plain language, so that I understand.

Dr. Harness cares for my entire family, beyond only me, as my entire family is affected.

Dr. Harness treats me as if I am his only patient.

Dr. Harness does not contribute to my fear. He lifts me out of my panic so that I may think clearly.

Breast cancer surgeon Dr. Jay Harness and his Orange County breast cancer surgery team focus on the reconstruction of my emotions, when faced with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Orange County breast cancer surgeon

Orange County breast cancer surgery