Single Dose Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy Benefits Breast Cancer Patients

Another breast cancer patient experience with single-dose intraoperative radiation therapy – IORT – is shared in this report from WKYC News in Cleveland:

Instead of six weeks of radiation, breast cancer patient Joanne Duffy had one dose during surgery.

For Ms. Duffy, radiation exposure to her heart was a concern that intra-operative radiation therapy solved as:

“(It) focuses the radiation to one or two centimeters around the lumpectomy cavity so [it does] not exposing the rest of the breast tissue to harmful effects of radiation or exposing the heart and lungs.”

Intra-operation radiation therapy was approved for patient use in 2010.

Shortly thereafter breast cancer surgeon Dr. Jay Harness and his patient treatment team began using the treatment successfully for diagnosis-eligible patients.

Currently, some 40 medical centers in the United States offer this single-dose radiation treatment, few with the depth of experience offered by Dr. Jay Harness and his team.

To learn more contact Dr. Jay Harness and review the resource at this link featuring Dr. Harness and his team’s use of this single dose radiation therapy.

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