Expert Interviews Experts: Dr. Jay Harness at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

Breast cancer expert and practicing breast cancer surgeon Dr. Jay Harness interviewed a number of medical experts during the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, including this with Dr. Mina Bissell of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, discussing the importance of diet and exercise:

The Symposium, hosted December 4-8 in the United States, is the largest breast cancer symposium in the world. It attracts an international audience of leading thinkers – academics, physicians [whether medical, surgical, gynecologic or radiation oncology] and researchers – involved in expanding the world’s knowledge of breast cancer and how best to treat the disease.

As an expert interviewing experts, Dr. Jay Harness as interviewer brings a rare insight to any discussion of breast cancer, as demonstrated during each of 25 interviews conducted with researchers and physicians while in San Antonio.

As you will see, what makes these interviews perhaps even more informative is that Dr. Harness knows many of the experts he interviews.

Each of these expert-to-expert interviews may be viewed on the YouTube channel of Dr. Harness.

In addition, each of the 25 are linked below by topic for your ease of reference:

• Dr. Edith Perez Discusses Anti-HER2 Therapies

• Breast Cancer Clinical Trials with Dr. Thomas Julian

• Dr. Pat Whitworth and Neoadjuvant Treatment for Node-Positive Breast Cancer Patients

• Dr. Michael Alvarado Live

• Breast Cancer Survivorship with Dr. Jennifer Klemp

• Breast Cancer Survivor Dale Eastman

• Dr. Hyman Muss Discusses Breast Cancer in Older Women

• AnneMarie Ciccarella Discusses “Chemo-Brain”

• Dr. Terry Mamounas Discusses New Node-Positive NSABP B-28 Data on Oncotype DX

• Dr. Terry Mamounas on the Results from NSABP B-28 Study and Oncotype DX

• Circulating Tumor Cells Research with Dr. Julie Lang

• African American Breast Cancer Research Developments

• Dr. Michael Alvarado Discusses Oncotype DX DCIS Score and Cost Effectiveness

• Breast Cancer Biopsy Technology in Germany

• Dr. William Dooley: Ductoscopy Overview

• Overview Of Breast Cancer Margin Probe Technology

• Breast Cancer Margin Probe Technology: How It’s Allowed To Be Used

• The Future Of Breast Cancer Technology From Dune Medical

• Breast Cancer Margin Probe Technology And How It’s Been Received

• Breast Cancer Margin Technology From Dune Medical

• Breast Cancer Margin Probe Technology From Dune Medical

• Breast Cancer Survivor Susan Rafte is Interviewed by Dr. Jay Harness

• MD Anderson’s Breast Cancer “Moon Shot” Initiative

• Accreditation Work of NAPBC; Value To Patients

• Breast Cancer And The Importance Of Diet And Exercise

Each interview offers the latest subject matter expertise on a wide range of breast cancer topics.

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