The Facts About Breast Cancer

The following facts about breast cancer appear in a report from today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Given how simply these numbers are presented, we share them here as a basis for our readers to further their information strength about this disease:

The Facts About Breast Cancer

A look at data about the disease in the U.S. and the typical treatments.

Estimated new cases in 2012: 226,870 women; 2,190 men

Estimated deaths in 2012: 39,510 women; 410 men

Median age of diagnosis: 61

Median age at death: 68

Percentage diagnosed as Stage IV (metastasized): 5%

Five-year survival by stage: local 98%; regional 83%; metastasized 23%

Five year survival overall: 89%

Diagnosed in lifetime with breast cancer: 1 in 8 women

Sources: NCI/SEER data from 2005-2009; National Cancer Institute

Typical Treatments by Stage:

Stage 0 (noninvasive DCIS): lumpectomy or mastectomy and radiation, sometimes hormone therapy

Stage I or II: lumpectomy or mastectomy, radiation and often chemotherapy

Stage III: chemotherapy and radiation before or after mastectomy, underam lymph nodes removed, often targeted therapy

Stage IV and recurrent: surgery (depending on where cancer has spread), chemotherapy, radiation, hormone, other therapies

Source: National Cancer Institute

If you have any questions about these facts or about breast cancer generally, please contact breast cancer expert Dr. Jay Harness or his staff.

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