Dr. Harness Receives 2010 Circle of Care Award

The career of Dr. Jay Harness epitomizes professional accomplishment and the empathetic care of his patients.

Throughout his professional life he has received a number of awards from a variety of sources.

Today, he adds another.

CalOptima, the second largest health care insurer in Orange County, announced Dr. Jay Harness is the recipient of the 2010 Circle of Care Award.

As described by CalOptima:

CalOptima’s Circle of Care Awards Program was created to recognize outstanding health care professionals or groups who demonstrate excellence in the delivery of high quality health care services to our mernbers.

Dr. Harness will be honored by CalOptima at an August 25, 2010 awards luncheon.

As a breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Harness introduced oncoplastic reconstruction and, subsequently, areola and nipple-sparing mastectomy to patients when he arrived in Orange County in 2003.

And, he is an internationally recognized leader in the field of breast cancer surgery.

Yet, as with CalOptima’s recognition of Dr. Harness, often the most important honors come from those close to home.

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