Journalist Confronts Breast Cancer, Takes Readers Along in First Person Account

Andrea Torres

Andrea Torres works at the heart of The Miami Herald’s multimedia operations. Some five months ago she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. As captured in a series of weekly reports appearing in The Miami Herald, Andrea writes of her experience every step of the way.

Andrea’s is a journey of clarity and wisdom, as revealed by the executive editor of The Miami Herald:

Andrea Torres took us with her when she first learned the lump she had detected on her left breast was, in fact, cancer…

Since August, Andrea has been writing about her journey…

“As a journalist, I felt I had a responsibility to share my experiences,” said Andrea…

“I was afraid…of not being able to tell the story well. What was most difficult was sharing the emotions, being vulnerable, and admitting you are afraid in such a public forum. But when you face a disease that could potentially kill you, those kinds of fears go away.”

Andrea indeed tells the story well.

Which is why each of her powerful columns sharing her care, treatment, anguish and hope are linked below:

Part 1: At age 33, I’m dealing with breast cancer

Part 2: Cancer treatment complicates dreams of pregnancy

Part 3: Hanging in when chemotherapy gets rough

Part 4: Tough surgery choices: Mastectomy vs. Lumpectomy

Part 5: Silicone implants are not the only way to go in breast reconstruction

Part 6: Rebuilding the breast from body tissue

Part 7: Body fat can be used to build breast

Part 8: Facing my fears after mastectomy

Part 9: Taking control of the fear that comes with breast cancer

Part 10: Doctor knows about being a breast cancer survivor

Part 11: Radiation therapy gives her hope

Part 12: Finding strength from others

Part 13: Facebook, medication help breast cancer patient deal with depression

Part 14: A new outlook on 2012

Part 15: Breast cancer patient faces genetic mystery

Part 16: Using diversion to cope with harsh reality

Part 17: After radiation therapy ends

Part 18: Friend’s breast cancer journey is not as fortunate

Part 19: Anti-tumor meds come with scary story

Part 20: Reentry into the world after breast cancer treatment

Photo Credit: Miami Herald

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