Orange County Breast Cancer Surgeon Dr. Jay Harness Honored as 2012 Top Doctor

Breast cancer surgeon Dr. Jay Harness has been honored with the 2012 Physician of Excellence designation by the Orange County Medical Association.

The Physician of Excellence designation, published by specialty in Orange Coast Magazine, honored Dr. Jay Harness for his skills in breast surgery.

Annually each January, Orange Coast Magazine publishes its annual health issue and identifies Orange County’s Physicians of Excellence.

As described by the Orange County Medical Association:

The Physicians of Excellence/POE program was started by the Orange County Medical Association/OCMA in 2004, published January 2005. The purpose was to localize the selection process and to have defined selection criteria that were easy to measure. Orange Coast Magazine liked the idea, and a new community partnership was formed.

The Orange County Medical Association Board…recognized [there are select] physicians…who go above and beyond in serving their profession and patients, and as a result, the OCMA Board…created the Physicians of Excellence program…to recognize and honor those physicians.

Now in its sixth year, the Physicians of Excellence program…identifies those physicians…who exhibit the skills, training and commitment to their patients and the community to stand out above their peers as physicians of excellence. The Orange County Medical Association believes the program does an excellent job of selecting the utmost deserving on a year-to-year basis.

Upon receiving word of this honor, Dr. Harness commented on how the 2012 Physician of Excellence designation is another “validation of our We Live You® commitment to those who seek our care,” and added:

For women seeking breast cancer surgery expertise, the 2012 Physician of Excellence designation offers an additional layer of confidence in making an informed choice about their care.

If faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, my team and I understand you seek support, guidance, compassion, treatment, and care using the most advanced medical expertise. We also understand you seek emotional reconstruction®.

I am honored to provide this unique level of breast cancer care and treatment, and I am honored by the 2012 Physician of Excellence designation.

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