Shifting the Conversation About Cancer: New Online Resource Focuses on Individualized Patient Treatment, a new online patient resource, was announced today by Clarient, Inc., a GE healthcare company. The new website is the first of its kind to focus on educating breast and other cancer patients about molecular-level testing, according to this wire report.

Molecular-level testing can help identify the unique characteristics or biomarkers of a particular cancer and provide pathologists with crucial information to help oncologists guide diagnosis, prognosis and treatment planning. In addition, molecular diagnosis can help identify what therapies are appropriate for a particular patient’s cancer, allowing patients to avoid unnecessary treatments that might do little to stop their cancer.

Dr. Jay K. Harness, MD, FACS, a breast cancer and health specialist, said:

“It is important for patients to ask their doctors about their diagnosis and what type of testing might provide more information about their cancer. The objective is to place patients in a position of information strength, to enable patients as full participants in decision making for their particular course of treatment, so that a good outcome may be achieved.

More than 12.7 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer each year, but no two people, nor their cases, are precisely the same. Advances in cancer research have proven that each person may have different gene abnormalities that drive the growth of his/her cancer.

While molecular-level testing has been around for some time, few patients are aware of the technology and how it may lead to personalized treatments for their cancer.

Ron Andrews, Founder and CEO of Clarient, offered:

“By asking a simple question – is my cancer different? – we can enhance a patient’s understanding of this complex information. As we shift to a personalized healthcare culture, we are excited about launching to underscore the importance that people understand molecular diagnosis and how it can benefit them or their loved ones.”

For more information about personalized cancer treatment and tips for talking with your doctor, please contact Dr. Jay Harness or visit

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