Dr. Jay Harness Presenting Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy Study Results in Yokohama

As readers of this column know, Dr. Jay Harness is currently visiting Yokohoma, Japan, as speaker, teacher and keynoter at the International Surgical Week ISW 2011 conference.

As part of his speaking and teaching schedule while in Yokohama, tomorrow Dr. Harness presents the results of a study in a paper titled, Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy: Results of a Team Approach and a Collaborative Operative Technique.

In addition to Dr. Harness, the authors include Arthur H. Salabian and Donald S. Moulds, both of Orange County, California.

The study and paper are based upon he and his co-authors’ experience in treating patients at The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment, at St. Joseph Hospital of Orange, California.

The paper will soon be published in the World Journal of Surgery, the journal of the International Society of Surgery.

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