Dr. Jay Harness Offers Breast Cancer Treatment Expertise in Yokohama

Breast Cancer Surgeon Dr. Jay Harness

Dr. Jay Harness, the president of Breast Surgery International, is attending the International Society of Surgery‘s International Surgical Week conference, hosted August 28 to September 1 in Yokohama, Japan.

Dr. Harness is an in-demand speaker and teacher at the conference, beginning Sunday, August 28, where he is teaching the Ultrasound Course for conference participants.

The full schedule of Dr. Harness while in Yokohama is available here, and, in addition to Sunday’s Ultrasound Course, includes the following events:

On Monday Dr. Harness is the moderator of the Postgraduate Course of Breast Surgery International.  As part of this Course Dr. Harness offers a presentation addressing Intra-operative Radiation Therapy.  The all-day course concludes that evening.

Tuesday, August 30, the day begins with Dr. Harness on a panel of experts presented with case discussions in a session called Challenge the Experts.  Later that day speaks on the topic of Patient MRIs as necessary in planning Breast Surgery.

Tuesday evening, Dr. Harness offers the introduction to the Umberto Veronesi Lecture. The Lecture is named after Italian surgeon and oncologist Umberto Veronesi, in honor of his contributions to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer throughout a career spanning over fifty years.

On Wednesday, August 31, Dr. Jay Harness will moderate a series of presentations discussing Sentinel Node Mapping in Breast Cancer.

Wednesday evening, Dr. Harness will be the featured speaker offering his President’s Address on behalf of Breast Surgery International.

His appearance as speaker, teacher and keynoter at the International Surgical Week ISW 2011 conference demonstrates once again the recognition of Dr. Harness among his peers.

Thus when in need of one of the world’s foremost breast cancer surgeons, whether in Yokohama, Japan or in Orange, California, call upon our expert.

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