Three Patients Speak: The Truth About Love and Sex After a Mastectomy

In this story, spoke with three anonymous women, age 26, 33 and 42, about their relationships with their bodies and their experiences of sex and love after mastectomy.

In this candid interview, each woman answers questions about:

[1] When and why did each decide upon a mastectomy?
[2] Whether to have reconstructive surgery and whether or not each decided to have nipple reconstruction,
[3] How each felt immediately prior to their mastectomy,
[4] Their relationship status at the time,
[5] How their relationship with their bodies changed after surgery,
[6] Partner’s reaction to mastectomy,
[7] Effects of mastectomy upon relationships,
[8] Effect upon sex life, and
[9] What each had learned since her mastectomy.

Read the full story at

In addition, for further answers watch and listen to this series of explanatory videos — from patients and breast cancer experts — about sex and breast cancer at Breast Cancer Answers, the YouTube channel of breast cancer expert Dr. Jay Harness.

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