Cancer Beautiful: A Photo Portrait Book for Women Experiencing Breast Cancer

What if among the many overwhelming materials you see at the time of a breast cancer diagnosis there was a simple book that inspired hope instead of fear, and showed beauty instead of disfigurement? It sits on the doctor’s waiting room table and begs to be picked up and paged through.

Beauty After Breast Cancer is a coffee table style book for surgeon’s offices and breast centers showing women facing surgery the changes in their appearance to which they may need to adjust, and the change in their self-confidence and sense of beauty that they don’t need to adjust at all.

33 women, seen through the unbiased lens of a camera, that is not colored by grief, fear, or self-consciousness. They are beautiful, and not at all lessened by their experiences.

If you would like to support the publication of this book, helping to spread it to hospital waiting rooms, support centers and the hands of women all around the world who may benefit, visit their Kickstarter page. As the team behind the book describes it:

Although October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to do more than raise awareness, we want to inspire. 33 breast cancer thrivers feel so strongly about the need for this resource that we’re baring our scars and insecurities, and our beauty and triumphs to create this.

The courage of each of these 33 women, as exemplified in this book, will offer hope to many more.

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