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The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies/IOM recently published their report of Breast Cancer and the Environment. As part of this report, the IOM created an easy to use table of actions every woman may take for herself to … Continue reading

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A thoughtful discussion authored by Dr. Elaine Schattner, appearing in The Atlantic, discusses a study issued earlier this month on the effects of red wine consumption on breast cancer: This week many middle-aged women experienced joy, and maybe even raised … Continue reading

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We recently introduced our readers to My Mom Looks Like a Turtle, a new children’s book from author Yvette VanDerBrink. This kid-friendly book makes it possible to talk with young children about cancer while keeping it interesting and informational. Listen … Continue reading

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The short answer is no, according to a recent study and other sources discussed in this column. Parabens, a major compound in antiperspirants, are found in many breast tumors. But they’re present in tissues of non-users as well, according to … Continue reading

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Researchers have found that magnetic resonance imaging, known as MRI, in addition to regular mammograms, detected twice the number of cancers among women who had already survived cancer than among those who were at high risk, according to this video … Continue reading

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Women who inherit gene mutations that increase their likelihood of getting breast cancer now face an added worry: They may be prone to developing the disease earlier in life than their mothers and aunts did, according to a study appearing in … Continue reading

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A new approach to the funding of medical research led to the creation of Campaign for Cancer Prevention, the first online platform where visitors can donate directly to — or crowd-fund — cancer prevention research projects, according to this report … Continue reading

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We love this story from the Los Angeles Times, sharing the experience of Jeannie MacDonald, a former breast cancer patient who wrote this inspiring first person account of her experience: I was baptized at Our Lady of Hypochondria Church. When … Continue reading

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