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As a pioneer in breast cancer patient care and treatment, Dr. Jay Harness has been at the center of a number of breast cancer treatment advances over the past 30 plus years. Which makes a point. Even early in his … Continue reading

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According to a report at, a survey conducted by the Cancer Support Community found that 43 percent of women do not receive information about breast reconstruction options at the time of their diagnosis. 43%. Nearly half of all women … Continue reading

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To our readers, patients, and those in the medical community with whom we work everyday, we wish you good health and lives well lived on this Christmas Day. As do you, we will continue to make every day count today, … Continue reading

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From the New York Times, this instructive story on the importance of early breast cancer detection: Dr. Marisa Weiss scheduled her mammogram this spring, just as she does every year… After Dr. Weiss went home, she got a call from … Continue reading

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My philosophy is that as my patient, I want you in a position of information strength when faced with a breast cancer diagnosis. I want you to be fully informed of the treatment alternatives available based on your condition. For … Continue reading

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When this Conversation began we promised to feature medical and health information in the field of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, including surgical options. Our purpose is to share the benefits of thoughtful decision making for any woman faced with … Continue reading

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The free Breast Cancer Diagnosis Guide, available as an iPhone application, is available for download at this link. According to the iPhone Apps store: This app walks you through your breast cancer pathology report and other tests and information that … Continue reading

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There are books written on the topic of oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery of the breast, such as this textbook published in 2004, later reviewed by the British Journal of Cancer. You may read the 207 page textbook, or click on … Continue reading

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